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Client Reviews

We really love our new deck cover; Joe can BBQ out of the rain, the cats can stay dry, no more muddy paws and I have a perfect spot for my plants and seed starts. Overall the cover matches the house very well and looks like it belongs there. All your advice was correct about color, angle and posts was correct. It makes the deck seem much bigger and it is definitely more usable. The roof panels make it cooler but it is still light and bright.f You and your crew were friendly, fast and efficient even though it was pouring rain and a muddy mess. You even cleaned it all up. So we would happily recommend you to any and all. ...Sharon & Joe Weibler

Jazz Singh was at the seattle home show. We scheduled him to come to our home with his products. Jazz Singh arrived as scheduled on time. He was very informative providing many choices available for patio covers. He measured the area of the odd angled deck to make sure to mirror existing deck with cover. The cost was discussed and agreed upon and a date was set. Jazz and his crew arrived as scheduled, removed all patio furniture and put up the patio cover with no interference to our family's schedule. Upon completion they cleaned up the area and replaced all furniture. Jazz had a final walk thru after work was done and has called after first rain to follow up on satisfaction with his product. We are completely satisfied and love our deck cover. We chose clear color sheets with white supports so to let the light in on our dreary rainy Seattle days. Again we love our cover and are thrilled we went with LGM construction. ... Janet Warner

Jazz Singh is a thorough professional. We needed our fence repaired and had very limited knowledge on cost effective solutions. Jazz was very prompt in his response and was able to give us very detailed and accurate information which enabled us to make the right choice. We like the repaired fence and are extremely happy with Jazz\'s service. He is a pleasant individual and works to give you the best service for your money. We would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for patio/fencing and other home construction requirements. ... Aashita

Now that the job is finished and we\'re enjoying our new deck covering, we keep asking each other, \"Why didn\'t we do this beforre?\" Afterall, we\'ve lived here for five years and have not fully enjoyed our 32\' x 12\' cement deck in back. And our two small dogs have to \"brave the storm\" during the bad weather three to four times per day. Right now they are in dog heaven with some of the covering extending into a garden area. They are as happy as we are! Like the others above stated, Jazz Singh and his men were very professional and arrived on time and helped with the removal of outdoor furniture and cleanup. We were having guests in on a particular date with a tight deadline, but Jazz and his men met the deadline. We love our deck covering and my husband is looking forward to purchasing a barbeque so that he can cook out there even when it\'s raining! What fun! We are enjoying our home now more than ever! ... Virginia Frost- DeBord and Russell DeBord